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Vandelay Everyday Design

Vandelay Everyday is produced with the latest digital-surfacing technology that assures clear vision and good quality. The compromise between visual field has been effectively balanced so it provides wearers with stable and generous areas for both distance and near vision.

Vandelay Everyday has large, balanced visual areas, and its advantageous power transition allows the eye to move more naturally through the corridor.

Vandelay Free Form Single Vision

SV represents the latest single vision lens solution for sport frames. SV lens calculation considers the frame curvature (15º) and compensate the back surface for all possible gaze directions to improve wearer’s visual experience. The result is an impeccable visual quality in the entire lens, providing high definition vision from center to edge.

Vandelay Free Form (Soft and Hard Designs)

• 100% back surface design offers a distortion-free spherical front

• Wider fields of vision with optics closer to the eye and customized RX’s 3-dimensionally

fused for each patient

• Accurate power throughout the reading area, gradient cylinder control along the entire

intermediate area, and a significantly wider, distortion-free distance vision area


Vandelay DF (soft) - Super soft design for first time or sensitive wearers

• Recommended for people with active lifestyles and for prescriptions with low to medium

add powers


Vandelay DF (hard) - Hard design for seasoned wearers and smaller frames

• Recommended for people with visually demanding jobs and medium to high add powers

• Available in three corridor lengths: 11mm, 13mm, 15mm, with minimum fitting heights

of 16mm, 18mm, 20mm

Vandelay Advanced

Vandelay DF Advanced uses a universal blended design that provides ample distance vision and a wide reading area. It is a good choice for emerging presbyopes, as well as experienced wearers. Vandelay DF Advanced is ideally suited for all add power prescriptions and difficult Rx’s. Advanced aspheric compensation (measured power) in the intermediate and near zones reduces aberrations and compensates for pantoscopic tilt to provide the best optics in the as-worn position.

Vandelay Ultimate

Ultimate Progressive Design Series represents the most advanced complete customizable group of designs.

Vandelay UniversalB

Advanced Free Form progressive lens offering better quality vision and wider visual field. 

Vandelay Ultimate F (First Time Wearer)

Engineered with Digital Ray-Path technology, Vandelay Ultimate F is an extra soft progressive lens in which lateral astigmatism has been reduced

- delivering clearer peripheral vision and easier adaptation especially for first time progressive wearers 

Vandelay Accommodate II

Acomoda II offers an extra addition in the near vision region of the lens to relax the adjustment between different distances and increase focus with less effort. 

Acomoda II custom lenses provide a unique experience to the user. Thanks to personalization, each lens is customized and perfectly adapted to the user’s morphological parameters and the frame shape. As result, patients will bene t from unmatched visual quality. 

Vandelay Office II

Single Vision lenses lack near and intermediate zones and progressive lenses have a reduced intermediate zone. Neither solution is favored by presbyopes because visual comfort may be compromised and it takes a huge effort to focus.

Now with Office Reader II, presbyopes can work comfortably. The near and intermediate vision regions cover the entire surface of the lens, ensuring wider optimized areas. In addition, the soft design guarantees easy adaptation and unbeatable comfort. 

Vandelay Fingerprint Digital

Lens Type: Backside Progressive Addition

Corridor: 12mm, 14mm, 16mm

Minimum Fitting Height: 17mm, 19mm, 21m

Fitting Point: 3mm above geometric centre

Additional Powers: 0.50 to 3.5 OD in 0.25D steps

Refractive Index: 1.50, 1.53 (Trivex), 1.59 (Poly), 1.60 & 1.67

Polarized and Transitions Lenses available 

Prism: Up to 6.00 diopters per pair 

Vandelay B-Free

B-Free is a backside free-form invisible bi-focal that is digitally designed for every Rx. It is more advanced than conventional bi-Focals.

The Seg Height for the Next Generation Bifocal (NGB) is measured the same way as for a Flat Top bifocal else using the Box method; the distance from the lowest point not he lens to the lowest point on the lower eyelid.

The Layout Reference Point (LRP) for the NGB is at the entrance of the gate of the Near Visual Field for vertical dimension, which is the Seg Height (SGHT).

The LRP for the horizontal dimension, which is the Seg Inset, is set default to 2.5 mm due to these factors:

The near reading habits have changed due to the frequent use of hand held devices like cell phones which are generally held at much closer distance from the eyes than conventional reading distance that is considered to be 35 to 40 cm.

The NGB free form lens design shares much of the characteristics of free form progressive lenses where the set inset is commonly set by default at around 2.5 to 3 mm.

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Optimized progressive lens for discerning spectacle wearers demanding highest value for money. 

  • Individual power optimization

  • PD-optimized inset

  • Progression length optimization (L / M / XS)

  • FreeForm Technology

  • Retina Focus Principle

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