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Advanced myopia management technology designed for children

MyoLess lenses were designed to give children the best possible visual experience while simultaneously treating their myopia progression.

They are not only extremely effective in slowing down
the rate of increase in myopia; they combat ocular
elongation growth thanks to their unique Myo Free-Form Technology, which adapts to the nasal and temporal asymmetry of the retina.

Each lens consists of a central vision area free of blur,
surrounded by a carefully calibrated treatment zone of peripheral defocus. This unique design makes the lens more effective and more comfortable to wear.

MyoLess Benefits

  • Slower progression of childhood myopia by reducing the growth of eye elongation

  • Perfect vision in the clear vision area

  • Enhanced comfort, similar to a regular Single Vision lens

  • Superior aesthetics-treatment is undetectable on the lens surface, with no visible marks or lines

  • Remarkably thinner lenses for a slim and visually pleasing appearance, by allowing production in any desired material


Effective Myopia Control Technology 

Myo Free-Form technology is based on the hyperopic defocus theory. Standard negative lenses cause light to focus behind the peripheral retinal plane. This can stimulate the eye to elongate further and worsen the
myopia over time.

By contrast, a lens with positive power at the periphery enables light to focus correctly on the retinal plane.

MyoLess effectively slows down the progression of axial elongation in children’s eyes. It achieves this by incorporating asymmetric positive defocus on the back surface of the lens, which is calibrated to the natural asymmetry of the retina. This ensures that all light is focused on the retinal plane, effectively combating ocular elongation, and slowing down the
progression of myopia.

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