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Impression Ergo FS® 2

For perfectionists. The best Rodenstock computer lens: Impression Ergo FS® 2
For anyone who expects top performance from their computer glasses. More about Impression Ergo FS® 2

Impression Ergo® 2

For perfectionists. The best vision without compromise: Impression Ergo® 2
Relaxed eyes all day: Impression Ergo® 2 near comfort lenses make fatigue-free vision possible.

Multigressiv Ergo® 2

For the demanding. Brilliant vision experience at a display with Multigressiv Ergo® 2
Whether for work or your hobby, have relaxed vision with our custom-made Multigressiv Ergo® near comfort lenses.

Progressiv Ergo®

For the quality aware. Progressiv Ergo® with attractive cost-effectiveness.
Put an end to overtired eyes with computer glasses and our high-quality Progressiv Ergo® near comfort lens.

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