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Plastic Plus offers huge savings through our package options. 

Provide your customers with state of the art lens products and fashionable frame options.


Plastic Plus offers a wide selection of frame options to choose from at all price ranges. 

Our frame packages include lens technology from the industry's most trusted lens designers including ......


Today’s eyewear industry is overwhelming with an endless array of frames and various lens technologies. With so many options, how can you achieve the right mix of technology and style? The answer is Perfect Pair. With Perfect Pair, we’ve created new options for Dress, Sports or Sunwear that make it easy for you.

Essilor has hand-picked some of the the best frames on the market and paired them with great lens options. With this perfect match of frame and lens, we are able to bring you these pre-selected pairings at a reduced price. It’s truly perfect, and it’s only from Essilor.

Perfect Pair packages feature single vision or progressive lenses in plastic or poly. All lenses are available with Transitions as well as Sharpview, Crizal Easy or Crizal Avancé UV no-glare technologies. Available lens brands include Natural, Comfort 2, Physio and Physio Enhanced. All packages include lenses, frames, edging and mounting.

Included with your Perfect Pair are frame selections from some of the best names in the business. Frames available in the package can be viewed in the desired category area under the Perfect Pair navigation link above or use the links beneath each category logo below. 

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