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A Complete Single Vision Design Family

IOT Endless® (free form single vision) and IOT Endless® Plus (Accommodate 3) lenses include Digital Ray-Path® 2 Technology.


The perfect lenses for single vision lens wearers with no symptoms of presbyopia or digital eyestrain.

Endless Plus 

IOT Endless® Plus lenses are fully personalized and compensated anti-fatigue lens. If full personalization parameters are not provided, defaults of wrap 5°, panto 8°, and vertex 14 mm will be used.

Impeccable Visual Quality At Any Distance

In addition to mathematically compensating for oblique aberrations, Digital Ray-Path® 2 adds the intelligent use of the wearer’s accommodation; the small adjustments the eyes naturally make to view objects at different distances.


The result is a drastic reduction of oblique aberrations throughout the visual field. Wearers will enjoy impeccable visual quality, greater comfort, and more precise focus.

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The average person spends over 11 hours per day viewing digital screens1. IOT Endless® Plus lenses are designed to alleviate symptoms of eyestrain associated with the use of electronic devices. IOT Endless® Plus lenses improve near vision with a small near power boost. Wearers will experience more relaxed, comfortable vision.

The digital revolution has produced a radical change in reading patterns. Today people read on an ever increasing number of digital devices. Reading on screens is more fragmented, less concentrated and involves more superficial cognitive processing. In studies, 83% of wearers experience significantly improved reading speed, up to 34%, with the use of anti-fatigue lenses.3

Your eyeglasses should help you see clearly for all activities.
IOT Endless® and IOT Endless® Plus lenses provide extra comfort beyond the use of digital devices. They are appropriate for all activities throughout your daily life.

Which Choice Is Right For My Patient?

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Info Brochures

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