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Protecting Your Patients and Staff During COVID-19


Plastic Plus continues to take every safety precaution during COVID-19 to ensure the safety of our staff, our customers and your patients. 
Following both health and industry guidelines, we have implemented several initiatives to prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

Our staff are monitored for symptoms of COVID-19, including daily temperature checks using digital thermometers. Additionally, our Staff continue to follow all mandated protocols including regular hand washing and maintaining social distancing. 


  • All patient's own frames receive a deep disinfecting upon arrival to our facility.

  • Frames are cleaned in an Ultra Sonic frame cleaner.

  • Frames are handled using industry and government required PPE including gloves and masks.

  • All our work is done in-house to ensure no cross-contamination risks.


  • Frames receive a final disinfecting prior to being shipped.

  • Our couriers do not enter our building for additional protection of our staff and customers

As new regulations and guidelines are put into place, we will continue to add additional protection measures to ensure safety of you and our staff. 

COVID-19 Resources for Eyecare Providers

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